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#ThankMeLater – The Best Post-Partum Item Ever

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

I’ll be honest. Those first two weeks post-partum were a whole new experience. Even with amazing birth classes under my belt, it was still an adjustment (totally worth it though, obviously). Without getting too graphic, everything “down there” was swollen and sore. Most hospitals or birth centers provide a day or two of ice packs, but post-partum recovery lasts longer than just a few days. That’s why I was excited to find a DIY recipe for homemade ice packs – otherwise known as padsicles. These padsicles became one of my favorite post-partum items. I used them for the first 4-5 days, and they brought me amazing relief. What I loved was they provided more than just cooling. They were also soothing and had ingredients to help everything heal. Now I tell every pregnant momma about these and frequently give the recipe and ingredients as baby shower gifts. I got all my supplies from Amazon, and they took me around an hour and a half to do. I put them together when I was 35 weeks pregnant just in case baby decided to come early (which is hilarious now because he came at 41 weeks). Keep in mind, you could also have a family member bring you a couple to use while in the hospital after baby is born. Check out the steps below. I can’t wait to hear how much they help you too!

Homemade Padsicles

1 Small Bottle of Lavender Essential Oil

1 Bottle of Aloe Vera (unscented)

1 Bottle of Witch Hazel

1 Pack of Heavy Flow pads (20 or so should be fine and get them with wings!)

Small Spray Bottle

Gallon-Sized Ziploc Bag


1. Pour the witch hazel and about 10 drops of lavender into the spray bottle – Shake to mix it up.

2. Unfold a pad and lay it flat.

3. Spray the witch hazel/lavender mixture onto the pad – you want it moist but not soaked through.

4. Layer the Aloe Vera on top – I used a knife for this.

5. Fold the pad back up.

6. Place in the Ziploc Bag and repeat with the rest of the pads.

7. Once you have all the padsicles completed and in the bag, place them in the freezer, so they are nice and frozen once baby arrives.

**Note: These are definitely meant to go on top of another pad or in an adult diaper. They will provide amazing comfort and healing, and while they will absorb some bleeding, you will most likely bleed through if these are used alone.

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